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Appliance Repair Marketing and generating Appliance Repair Leads is a daunting task for many repair shop owners. Most appliance repair shop owners don’t even know where to begin to market their business, let alone how much of a demand for their repair services there is within their service area. So where do you start?

Your Appliance Repair Website

Appliance Repair MarketingHaving a professional well designed website that highlights your business and the services that you offer is a must. In case you haven’t heard the internet and the smart phone have taken the place of the phone book. Today’s customers always have their phone book within arms reach whenever one of their appliances breaks down. There are however two things that you need to be aware of when it comes to appliance repair websites.

The first one is make sure your website is easy to navigate and as professional looking as you can afford to make it. I recommend hiring a professional if your budget allows it. Just think for a minute if you are a customer and doing a search for ” Appliance Repair Atlanta “. You click on the first two websites listed in the search results. One looks like their best friend who dabbles in web design made it and the other one is a well designed website from what looks like a professional repair service. Who do you think the customer is going to call?

The second thing you need to be aware of is that just because you have a great appliance repair website you probably won’t get your website listed in a spot on google that gets much traffic. Don’t worry though that is where (SEO) Search Engine Optimization services like Serp Doc can help. As digital movers we can take your website that is stuck in the back pages of the search engines and move it up to the top spots on page 1 where all of your customers are looking.

Stop Paying For Appliance Repair Leads

Stop paying for costly appliance repair service leads, and let us turn your website into a appliance repair lead generating machine! Most small business owners don’t realize that they are buying leads from companies who have multiple websites that are out ranking them for important search terms within their service area. Keywords like: Chicago Appliance Repair or Refrigerator Repair Orlando. These search terms generate traffic to their websites, Which in turn generates phone calls and customer leads that they turn around and sell to you at a premium price.

By now if your still reading this post you are probably wondering exactly how many leads could your website bring in each month. Well it varies from service area to service area but here are a few keywords and their average monthly search volume over the last year straight from Google’s website.

Appliance Repair Atlanta – 720 searches
Atlanta Appliance Repair – 480 searches
Refrigerator Repair Atlanta – 260 searches
Dryer Repair Atlanta – 140 Searches

The above search volume is typical for larger cities, and below is an example of what kind of searches are typical for smaller towns that only have a few 100,000 residents.

Appliance Repair Peoria IL – 140 searches
Peoria Appliance Repair – 40 searches
Dryer Repair Peoria IL – 10 Searches
refrigerator repair peoria il – 30 searches

Although there are fewer searches in these smaller service areas there are still more than enough people searching for your services every month to make a huge difference in your business. I would be willing to bet that if your business was ranked #1 for just the 4 search terms above that you would have to start thinking about expanding your business just to handle the increased service calls. Keep in mind there are probably 100+ search terms that people use each and every month to find appliance service repair companies.

So if you are ready to supercharge your website and turn it into a lead generating machine then fill out our Discovery Page and we will give you a free market evaluation as well as a website analysis that will get your appliance repair marketing on track.

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