article marketing
Hello all you budding article writers! If you remember in previous posts we talked about how effective article marketing is at bringing free traffic to your website. Today we are going to talk about article marketing and discuss keyword research and the use of those keywords in your articles.

Doing Your Homework

Before you write one single word of your article you need to know what keyword phrases to target in your niche. Not only will this help your rank for that keyword but it also helps you choose a topic for your article based on what information people are looking for.

So say we have a website on dog training and we need to drive traffic to it. We go to our favorite keyword research tool (I use https://www.wordtracker.com/) and type in the words “dog training” without the quotes, of course.

Once you have a list of related terms have a look at them and pick out phrases that you’d like to write articles about. A look at the results shows the following as some of the phrases being searched for:

• Dog training collars
• Dog training leads
• Dog potty training
• Dog training schools
• Dog crate training

The next thing you’ll want to do once you have a list is to enter each phrase into Google’s search engine, this time with quotes around them—like this “dog training collars” and hit enter. When the results come back look in the top right corner for a line that says showing results 1-10 of about xx xxx for “your entered keyword”. The number shown where I’ve typed the xx xxx is how many other web pages in Google are specifically targeting that phrase. If you can find phrases with lots of searches per day that have 30,000 or less other sites using that phrase that means it should be easy for you to rank well with an article containing that phrase.

While ranking in the search engines is the best use of article marketing don’t shy away from really good topics (phrases) if the competition is stiff. Remember, webmasters still need content and if you write an article on a popular topic webmasters will still pick it up and send free traffic to you that way.

Use of Keyword Phrase

When writing your article you need to make the words flow and make it interesting for people to read—that’s your main focus. But your underlying job is to make sure you include your targeting keyword phrase enough times to satisfy the search engines.

This is actually easier than it sounds. As a general rule of thumb in article marketing your article should be 350 to 500 words long and broken up into an introduction, three or four short paragraphs in the body and a conclusion. You should include your targeted keyword phrase once in the title of your article, once at the beginning of the introduction and once at the end of the conclusion. You should also use it two to three times in your body paragraphs.

That covers keyword research and use of those phrases in your article. Next time in this article marketing series we’ll discuss the writing portion—writing your article and bio box. Until then feel free to leave any comments or questions you may have. For those of you who have done keyword research before, what is your favorite keyword research tool and why? Please share so those unfamiliar with them can find the best to suit them.