Baseball Glory In Omaha

Omaha – The College World Series of Baseball

This weekend I was lucky enough to get to a College World Series game, I took several employees of my Omaha Company and had a great time. It’s nice to live in Omaha, because many businesses give tickets to employees, and many families and friends buy season tickets to the two-week event, so there’s always a way to get out of sitting in general admission (and standing in that horrid line to get in). I went to the Miss St vs. Carolina game, and while it was super hot, the breeze was nice and i got to take a few decent pictures.
TD Ameritrade Park Omaha

Rosenblatt Stadium

Any attempt to park close to the stadium is insanity, so most people who have been to a game once or twice know to find parking in the neighborhoods surrounding the stadium. And if you park to the north, chances are you’ll see the above sign as you walk towards the stadium.

The afformentioned general admission line. Now, I went on a Friday night, but if you go to a game during the week during the day, the line is nowhere near this bad.

Finally, this statue is a constant reminder to all those in Omaha of the tradition that oozes out of this stadium. After these two whirlwind weeks, when all the college baseball fans head back home with fond memories of Rosenblatt and Omaha, we are left to go back to our minor league games. But we’ll always have this statue, just outside the front gates, to remind us of our two weeks of baseball glory every year.