Dinosaur Media Marketing
It is still around. What I mean by “dinosaur” is any sort of material form of advertising: newspaper, magazine, flier and banner. Print was one of the first forms of advertising and while it gets the message across, I question it’s effectiveness. What about radio or television as forms of advertising? Agencies are still buying the media, so it must be O.K. I wouldn’t bet all my budget on it though. These types of media aren’t as ‘direct’ as they used to be. There are simply to many other forms of media out there now, increasing the risk of your message never being heard. The internet itself is an infinitely saturated vehicle. Sadly and to my surprise, a lot of businesses do not recognize this. As a business decides whether to migrate one of their promotions to a twitter page, one of their competitors has already set up a complete PPC advertising campaign. Companies lacking a team of programming or graphic designers may also lose to competitors ahead of the game in design and content. Not to overwhelm anyone, but simply heading warning to those who still have their heads in the sand. Sorry but you have to move to where the audience is and keep up with the times.

Consequent frustration goes back to what they are teaching in business school. Emphasis is not on the mechanics of marketing but rather on the philosophical aspects.

It’s wonderful to learn about needs and wants and formulas…

When to launch type A model product after modified type B product, set prices, locations, etc…
But when it comes down to it, are you prepared deal with the technical knowledge needed leverage yourself as an innovative marketer? I think you need some continued education. Marketing is becoming more than a soft-skill these days.