Free Search Engine Optimization ToolsKnowing your market online is crucial to any business if you want to dominate your market.

As an SEO company I use several different tools to get a better idea of what is going on with my clients business and their market. So I thought I would share this Free SEO Tool. It is a browser addon for Chrome or Firefox that will allow you to see exactly how many people are searching Google each month for your product or service. It is quick and easy to install, and within a few minutes you will know instantly if 10 people or 300 people are searching online for your product or services.

The browser addon is called Keywords Everywhere. Click Here to go to their website for the free install.

As you can see below I took 3 different screenshots from 3 different searches in a medium size Midwest city. Just below the search term that I typed in is the average monthly search volume for each keyword. This is a great tool to use that will allow you to explore your market. Make sure you not only use the main keywords that people use to find your business, but also different variations. It will give you better understanding of your market as well as you businesses potential for online growth with proper marketing.
Free SEO Tools

Here is an example of some search terms I would use while doing local market research for my business:

Omaha SEO
Search Engine Optimization Omaha
Best SEO in Omaha NE
Top Rated Omaha SEO
Omaha SEO Company
Omaha Search Engine Optimization Agency

You can also get more specific in your research depending on your business and services that you offer.

Lead Generation Omaha
Omaha Web Design
Website Marketing Omaha Nebraska

Using The Data To Generate Leads

Once you have installed the browser addon I’m sure you have quickly realized how big of market there is online for your product or service. In some markets the numbers can be staggering, and only a few businesses are taking advantage of these people who are actively searching for their services.

If you would like help in converting all of those searches into monthly leads and paying customers just fill out the form to the right for a FREE Consultation. We would love to help your business grow!