Fun In Milwaukee

Here at Sepr Doc we work hard but we also from time to time like to take a little time off from the daily grind of our Milwaukee agency and go out and have a little fun even with the crazy weather and the snowy forecast for this week, sometimes it is hard to remember what’s so great about living in Wisconsin. Want a reminder?

Places to Go and Things to Do in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

We have the Wisconsin Dells – a wonderful blend of beauty and campy. Go kart tracks, weird attractions, cheesy shopping, antique stores, the Wisconsin Ducks (and not the quacking kind!), amazing campgrounds, mini golf, and now the largest concentration of indoor waterparks in the world.

Wisconsin Dells

Madison – yes, there are plenty of reasons to hate the State Capitol, but if you can put politics aside Madison is simply an amazing city. From State Street’s offbeat shopping and great parties to the college bars to the bike trails and neat little shops everywhere, Madison is truly unique. And you never get too old for Ella’s Deli.

Our Lakes – we have over 15,000 of them. Big Cedar Lake is incredibly scenic. Pike Lake is another beauty, with a wonderful trail that goes around the entire lake. Lake Geneva is another gem – there’s a reason that rich people from Illinois own vacation homes in Lake Geneva…they only wish their state was this beautiful! And we have a state park system that other states envy.

Everybody likes to go Up North. The beautiful summers, the fall colors, the renewal of spring, and okay I guess winter too – the northern parts of Wisconsin have some of the most beautiful sights. On your way, if you are lucky enough to cross the Butte des Morts (which, oddly, is NOT French for “Butt of Death” but that shouldn’t stop you from telling people it is) bridge at just the right time of sunset, you will see the most beautifiul sight on earth with the sunset reflecting on the water creating this orange glow – it is too unreal to describe!
The House on the Rock inspired Neil Gaiman in American Gods, and anything that inspires the greatest writer in modern times is certainly worth a look, don’t you think? The House is more than just odd architecture – it is a crazy collection of all sorts of…things. You have to see it to believe it. And while you are there, check out Taliesin, Frank Lloyd Wright’s estate in Spring Green, Wisconsin.

Summerfest is an obvious choice…one of the biggest music festivals in the world, you know that summer is in full swing in Milwaukee when Summerfest starts. You don’t even have to like the bands that are playing to have a good time. While Summerfest is the biggest, Milwaukee has a TON of festivals every year, from the Lakefront’s ethnic festivals to neighborhood festivals. Good fun and a great way to meet new people.

Milwaukee Art Museum – This is a world-class museum, right here, right on the lake. The building alone is worth coming to Milwaukee just to see.
Milwaukee Lake Front
My personal favorite day of the year is July 3 – the day the huge Lakefront Fireworks display is on the lakefront in Milwaukee. For the best time, get to the lakefrotn early, bring a cooler full of drinks, lots of lawn chairs, kites, rollerblades and a frisbee and enjoy a full day of summer fun.

Eating and Drinking in Wisconsin

Leinenkugels is the best beer ever, and its brewed in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. The Honey Weiss is excellent and always popular, but their seasonal beers like the Apple Spice are just awesome.

Bars. We got ‘em. As the saying goes, all you need to incorporate a town in Wisconsin is two bars and a church. Some of them are dives, but a lot of them have character. Take At Random in Bay View – step into the ’50s decor and settle in for an ice cream drink or something else suitably offbeat. And the name? It describes their business hours. And every visitor who comes to Milwaukee should be required to go to the Safe House, a wonderful spy-themed bar/restaurant. Always great food, and always a great time. If ethnic food is your thing, we’ve got that too. From authentic Mexican to amazing Italian, extreme Thai and the best Serbian food you’ll ever have, Milwaukee has it all. If fast food is your thing, Kopps’ Frozen Custard can’t be beat, and Culvers serves the best fast food burgers in existence.

Our Seasons
Yes, we have more than just “winter and construction.” We have four seasons here, each unique in its own way. Fall is filled with beautiful colors – the red and orange maples are my favorites. Winter is cold and crisp but if you aren’t from a state that has snow I bet you don’t realize how many different kinds of snowfalls there are, and many are downright lovely. Spring is filled with awesome thunderstorms and the beauty of flowers starting to bloom and the trees and lawns returning to green. It is hard to describe the feeling of spring after a long winter…it feels a lot like being a kid again. Summer, my favorite, can be hot and humid and unpredictable.

Some of the other reasons to be here are harder to describe, but you can feel them when you are here. People are, on the whole, friendly and genuine. Many will go above and beyond to help their neighbors. The cost of living is more than reasonable. You can live here and have hope of a future instead of just scraping by because rent takes 65% of your take-home pay.

I feel like I’ve hardly touched on the reasons it is good to be here, but this blog is getting long! Sure, we talk kinda funny (eh?) and people here really do love their football team – sometimes to the point of insanity, but on the whole it is a good place to be.