Twitter Followers
How many Twitter followers does your business NEED?

All the time on Twitter we see people saying how they can get 2,000 or 5,000 or 20,000 followers for you today. But really how many Twitter followers does your business need?

Do you do business internationally or is it just local?

Does your sales demographic include everyone or is it to a niche market?

Do you have enough inventory or capacity that if you had 10, 20, 1000 or 20,000 customers tomorrow you could serve them?

How many customers do you want?

Do you use Twitter regularly or would all these people just be looking at your 0 tweets?

How much traffic can your website handle before it crashes?

These and many other questions should come before you add a mass of people to any of your social media sites. If you are ready; if you can answer the questions and know you can handle and want a ton of new customers today then what is stopping you from using these services? Here is one last thing for you to consider.

Who are these people?

I am sure they are nice people and I am sure that all of them are looking for something, but are they looking for YOU! Are they looking for what you company is offering? If the answer is ” I don’t know”. Then you should really rethink this as a strategy. You would be better off to get one new Twitter follower that you are interacting with and that is buying from your company then to have a million new followers and no sales.

Social media is great tool but remember it is just a TOOL. A tool used for what it is intended for in the hands of someone who knows how to use it is a wonderful aid that will get the job done. But in the wrong tool in the wrong hands usually ends up with something broken.