Are Smart Phone Users Finding Your Local Business

More and more consumers are turning away from the phone book and turning to their smart phones and Google to find the local products and services that they are looking for. Here is a snippet from that I ran across that every business owner should read.

Omaha Dentist SEO

I can’t stress it enough to businesses that serve a local market that they have to have a professional looking website that is mobile friendly. Along with having proper search engine optimization (SEO) done on their site. It is crucial for getting their website and their business out in front of their target clients.

I am always amazed at how many successful businesses barely have a website let alone any kind of of other web presence. Yet there are hundreds of potential customers searching Google for their products and or services each and every month.

An example of this is Omaha Dentists. Many dentist know that having a website is the right business thing to do, but they don’t really understand the power that their website has just waiting to be unleashed. Over the last year there has been on average over 720 Google searches each month just for just the search term “Omaha Dentist”. That is over 8,600 searches last year made by people who are looking for a dentist to call.

I’m sure even getting 10% or 20% of all those searches over a years time would be a game changer for most businesses. This is why I can’t stress it enough that you have to have your business online with a professional looking mobile friendly website and proper SEO from a proven SEO Expert!

Omaha SEO

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