Maybe you heard of the saying “It’s not what you do, it’s what you say.” or “It’s not what you say, it’s what you do.” –does anyone find this utterly confusing, besides me? It’s kind of the same thing whenever I hear “People change” versus “Naah, some people never change”. If this is you, I have a rolling pin on the counter.

Alright so sometimes it depends on the situation and depending on the situation, certain quotations may apply. I believe marketing is the same way –advice may depend on the situation.

“Action speaks louder than words” – in this case, yes it does. I find many people spewing out knowledge regarding the how’s and why’s of marketing. It causes a lot of arguments because I believe marketing is only a pathway to an ideal outcome. In my opinion, marketing is an action-oriented profession. There are no formulas or tactics that can guarantee the same outcome. These tactics generate the facts and help create the threshold of common [marketing] knowledge. In marketing, knowing the facts is useless unless they are applied to a correct scenario (generally speaking). Reminds me of math. Like math, calculated steps are used to solve a problem. The steps vary depending on the type of problem. Additionally, there is often more that one way to solve the problem. Math is also a kind of theory. At first thought you may disagree, but how else would physics, economics, etc. be compiled? Someone had to theorize it. Marketing follows the same concept –research helps rationalize the existence of consumer behavior in relation to economics, and so on.

What are your theories or thoughts?