Website Trust
Business owners never think about what website trust actually means to their customers. Many businesses spend thousands of dollars to have a really good website built thinking that if it looks great that the customers will pick their business, products, or services what over the competition. Unfortunately this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Granted a great looking company website does help seal the deal with customers, but your customers rely on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to tell them what company to trust and spend their money with. Consumers just take for granted that the Big 3 search engines are going to present them with the very best and most trustworthy companies to do business with. This is why it vitally important for your business to rank in the top of the search engines. In many markets and industries it can mean the difference from a slow trickle of one or two customers a month to thousands just by getting your website out of the back pages of the internet and at the top of the listings.

SEO Provides Trust

A website with proper SEO (search engine optimization) will give the search engines everything they need rank your business website at the top of the search results where all of your potential customers are looking. Search engines provide their search results based on a complicated mathematical algorithm that looks at hundreds of different factor to make it’s decision on which website to rank where. What we do as a SEO Agency is go through your website and your online presence and shape it to meet as many of theses factors until your website out ranks all of your competition.

Granted this is a simplified explanation of what a SEO Company like Serp Doc does, but if you want to rank and get your website in a position of trust with the search engines and your customers then it is vital that you hire an SEO expert. Otherwise your site is just going to linger on the back pages of the internet where hardly anyone ever looks.