Thirty years ago, marketing strategies were simple. There were print, radio, television, mass mailings, and phone campaigns. Occasionally, we bought a sign on a bus bench, billboard or on the back of the bus or taxi. Those with less money made flyers. Everyone past out business cards and sent thank you notes on company letterhead. It took months for an ad campaign to work its way through the heart of the country and making any changes or deviations were very expensive.

Today, a good YouTube video can go viral in a number of hours. We post our text hourly to our blog or FaceBook. We no longer wait for articles in monthlies, weeklies, or dailies. The local television reporter may post stories on their FaceBook pages that are out-of-date before the evening news. And, most of us don’t get the news from television, it’s downloaded to our phones.

Then why have a website to talk about marketing if strategies change that quickly? First, as fast as strategies change, most of the underlying foundations don’t. It doesn’t matter if the in vogue term is imaging, marketing, or branding. What counts is what is the message and is it coming across clearly!

Marketing is clear communications
Serp Doc looks at different approaches to messaging. That is the second strategy: designing a multi-faceted marketing campaign. No longer can one plan do it all. Today, we have to plan face-to-face strategies that will build relationships, online campaigns to build name recognition, and a combined strategy that will create a community’s need. We also factor in our target markets. In many cases, our advertisers are very different group than our readership.

So much for simplicity!

That’s why Serp Doc came into being. Our goal is to help your business thrive online through proven marketing and SEO – Search Engine Optimization techniques. Serp Doc looks at ways to ways to make you and your products stand out; how to do proper online white hat online marketing; and why building a networking community is the strongest way to market!

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